Collins Dictionary To Include Twitter In Next Edition

It seems that micro-blogging site Twitter is all set to enter the hallowed echelons of English language, as the Collins English Dictionary plans to include it in its 30th edition.

In fact, Collins plans to include Twitter both as a noun and as a verb and it will also include some related words like Twitterati' which incidentally refers to the users of the site along with 'Twitterverse' that describes the space shared by the website and its loyal users.

Explaining the rationale behind inducting Twitter, Elaine Higgleton, from Collins in a statement said 'Hardly a day goes by when you don't see some Twitter-related article. Hence I find it entirely unsurprising that this year we have not one Twitter-related entry in the dictionary, but three.'

Many believe that the inclusion of Twitter in the English dictionary was a matter of time for the website which has over 1.8 million registered users and boasts of people like Barack Obama, Aston Kutcher amongst its regular users.

It is interesting to note that Google too already finds a mention in the Collins English dictionary and Twitter is likely find itself in illustrious company of a selected few online offerings which reached this far.

and join more than 1600 other followers.

Our Comments

Twitter is undeniably a powerful tool and whether it needs to be included in a dictionary remains to be seen. Ironically, dictionaries themselves are in a danger of disappearing in the long term unless they radically change their business model.

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