Firm Tells Applicants To Apply For Job Using SMS

Teimlo, a mobile phone company specialised in mobile content, wants prospective candidates for a marketing job to use their mobile phone texting feature to send their job application.

The founder and chief executive of the company, Phil Terrett said: “As the job will be working with mobile content, I thought why not get people to apply in the medium that they will be working in."

Applicants can forget about crafting a nice covering letter as they will get only 160 character to explain - and convince the boss - why they, rather than someone else, should get the job.

"If their text says: "Dear sir, I would like to apply for the position of..." they are going to run out of space. They have to be a lot more savvy to fit something in that's going to make a genuine impression."

The position which is opened until September has already been advertised on Twitter and in a number of trade magazines. The successful candidate may have to relocate to Cardiff if successful. The company expects to receive several hundreds text before the deadline.

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Our Comments

Innovative way to sift out the good candidates from the bad ones. At least the company plans to shortlist candidates and ask them to send a proper CV before calling in the last batch of selected candidates for a formal interview at the firm.

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