LG GD910 Watch Phone To Launch On Orange UK In August

As announced before, the LG GD910 touchscreen watch will be available on Orange from next month, a slight delay for those who were looking forward to acquire this extremely exquisite but expensive piece of technology.

This wristset was announced back in February on Orange and comes with a 1.43-inch screen protected by a curved tempered glass face. To make things even better, you will be to make a call without a handset thanks to the build in microphone and speaker and it comes with 3G connectivity and video calling.

The GD910 will be available for around £1000 SIM Free - or slightly more expensive than the iPhone 3GS - and will even be available on PAYG (ed : surely that's a mistake, who would buy something so expensive on anything other than a contract).

Back in February, we suggested that Orange could potentially offer the phone for free on a two-year contract with 3000 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB internet browsing. It is very likely that the phone will be offered with an optional insurance to cover against potential theft, loss and damage.

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Our Comments

We like it but we wouldn't want to use one of those to make a call, simply because it would be impractical to wear a Bluetooth handset all the time. Furthermore, having a £1000 proto-gem hanging on your left wrist is a risky venture in certain parts of London where you can get mugged for much less.

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