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Medion To Sell AMD-based Akoya Mini E1312 Super Netbook For £340

German manufacturer Medion is offering a souped up Netbook, the E1312, for those left wanting for more by the current crop of Intel-based and who crave for something a little bit more substantial.

For a mere £340, the E1312 comes with a 11.6-inch screen capable of displaying 1366x768 pixels, far more than your usual netbook, putting it on par with Apple's Macbook Air. Medion has chosen an AMD Sempron 210U CPU running at 1.5GHz.

This processor is part of the Huron low-power family and has 256Kb L2 cache with a TDP of 15w. It should be equivalent roughly to a Sempron 2200+, a Thorton Socket A model launched in August 2004.

The Intel Atom N280 in contrast has a TDP of only 2.5w (ed : Huron supports AMD64, PowerNow! and AMD's virtualisation technology AMD-V) but should much slower than the Sempron 210U. What's more the E1312 comes with ATI Xpress 1250 chipset which is significantly more powerful than Intel's own US15W integrated graphics.

Other specifications include 1GB RAM, a 160GB hard disk drive, three USB ports, VGA and HDMI video outputs, card reader, 1.3-megapixel camera, Ethernet, Bluetooth, 802.11n as well as a 6-cell battery (with an upgrade to 9 cell).

It will be available with Windows XP Home (and hopefully with Windows 7 Home Premium) complete with a 3-year warranty and will be on sale in Aldi from the 12th of July.

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Our Comments

AMD appears to timidly come into terms with the Netbook generation, nearly two years after it first appeared. Better late than never. Gateway, which is part of AMD, also released the LT3103u which featured a more powerful subsystem altogether for roughly the same price.

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