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Meet Kiki : Sony Ericsson Strange "Glass" Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson is on a roll when it comes to presenting great concept mobile phones; after the stunningly good looking Rachael, here's a Green (no pun intended) model called Kiki.

Once again, it is Danish mobile phone website which managed to get the exclusive news. Kiki is what Sony Ericsson apparently calls a "purity product" with a very strong emphasis on design rather than technology. The phone has five clearly identifiable buttons and according to, the display is made entirely of (thick) glass.

More intriguing is the fact that the display appears to have been inspired by Rear projection television sets with the screen image being projected on the glass surface. This gives the display an almost 3D appearance. Although the only pictures currently available on display appear to be sketches, there are a few details which we can gather.

Furthermore, because of the lack of buttons, one can assume that the phone buttons will be projected on the phone's surface and will be touch sensitive. The phone is likely to be based on an existing model.

The power connector is based on the old version - new SE phones will have microUSB power connectors instead. The screen has very simplified icons and appear ito be in monochrome/grey with no shades of colour. Given the fact that it is green, one can expect it to be environmentally friendly .

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Our Comments

Sony Ericsson is going for something extremely bold. Bold is good if it brings in revenue or if the technology can be used in other handsets. However, as it stands right now, it might not be enough. Apple's iPhone 3G was ground breaking because it managed to introduce a completely new technology which has been successful from day one. Sony Ericsson might be willing to Google Android but the move must not be half hearted.

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Désiré Athow
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