Nokia Says No To Android Smartphone ... For Now

Nokia vehemently denied that it is working on an Android smartphone shortly after the Guardian reported that the Finnish manufacturer was mulling plans to launch a touchscreen Android device in September 2009.

A spokesperson for the company told Reuters that there was "absolutely no truth to this whatsoever" and that "Everyone knows that Symbian is our preferred platform for advanced mobile devices".

Nokia purchased Samsung's Symbian share in September 2008 for $410 million and many argue that since Symbian powers more than 200 milliom mobile phones, it might be a tough cookie to dislodge. The other aspect is that Nokia has been investing heavily in OVI, its online application store which competes directly with Google Marketplace.

It is interesting to see that the spokesperson used the word "preferred" platform which means that there might be more than one contender. As part of Nokia's partnership with Intel, the mobile phone giant will also be working on Maemo which will reach version 5.0 sometimes next year under the monikers Fremantle or Harmattan.

The fact that Maemo exists prove that the manufacturer doesn't mind two platforms co-existing together. And if they have two, then why not have three (with Android) or four (with Windows Mobile).

Back in February 2008, Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business International Marketing Director John Starkweather told iTWire that talks had taken place between the two companies even though nothing much had happened yet.

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Our Comments

Make no mistake, Nokia's announcement that it will partner with Intel shows that the company can accommodate more than one technology and is quite polyvalent. Nokia is more like Dell or HP and as such doesn't need to have any loyalties; if it brings in revenue, open a new business opportunity, then why not?

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