World's Oldest Bible Available For Free Online

In a move that is likely to benefit numerous scholars and gladden the hearts of millions, the world’s oldest Bible is now available online in form of high resolution digital images.

Nearly 800 pages of the oldest existing Bible has been carefully recovered and collated from four different sections located in different countries and have been joined together on the web.

The online availability of the 1600-year old Codex Sinaiticus manuscript was made possible through the joint effort different institutions in Germany, Britain, Egypt and Russia who have painstakingly worked on restoring the parts of the document which was written in Greek.

Explaining the significance behind the project, Dr Scot McKendrick, from British Library, mentioned in a statement that "This 1,600-year-old manuscript offers a window into the development of early Christianity and first-hand evidence of how the text of the Bible was transmitted from generation to generation."

It is interesting to note that every page of manuscript has been carefully captured through digital photography and the entire manuscript was also transcribed which allows scholars to examine the document as a whole which was not possible earlier.

Internet users can log onto to see actual images of the manuscript and know more about the project.

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Our Comments

The service is unfortunately unavailable as it stands right now. It is a step forward towards the acknowledgement that like wikipedia, spreading technology is ultimately for the greater good of humanity. It also opens one of the most important documents in the history of mankind to a worldwide audience and to many who might want to explore its content first hand.

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