MI6 Sawers' Facebook Fiasco Highlights Pitfalls Of Social Networking Websites

The new chief of the UK’s security agency MI6 has been dragged in an embarrassing security row after it surfaced that his wife had posted personal images of her family over the social networking platform Facebook.

Lady Shelly Sawers, wife of the newly appointed MI6 head Sir John Sawers, posted personal info and images of her family on her Facebook account, and thereby made the information available to several million users who are part of the London network on the social networking site.

The postings in the question, which have now been pulled out, have reportedly disclosed various crucial details on the location of the couple’s flat in London, their three kids, their friends, as well as their favourite holiday destination.

Users sent congratulating messages to Sir John Sawers on his appointment for the new role as the chief of MI6, prominently referred to as “C”, with one of them joking that he was already being called as “uncle C” by his friends.

Playing down the gravity of the affair, Home Secretary David Miliband said: “”The fact that there's a picture that the head of the MI6 goes swimming - wow, that really is exciting. It is not a state secret that he wears Speedo swimming trunks. For goodness sake let's grow up”.

He further said Sir Sawers is “an outstanding professional” who would surely perform commendably in his new role.

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Just like celebrities need to carefully evaluate their exposure on Facebook and other social networking entities, senior civil servants must also follow some rules or face the grill. With great power comes great responsibility, the saying goes. That responsibility, Sir Sawers has now learnt, even applies to the online arena.

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