New 13-inch Apple Macbook Pro Selling Very Well Says Analyst

Gene Munster from Analyst firm Piper Jaffray reckons that Apple's 13-inch Macbook Pro notebooks are selling very well based on the lead times for the two products in Apple's online store.

It takes on average between 7 and 10 days for Apple to deliver the faster Macbook Pro, the 2.53GHz model which costs $1499 and has 4GB RAM and 250GB hard disk drive.

Interestingly the 15-inch version, which has the same configuration also has the same lead time. This hence, one can posit that rather than demand outstripping supply, it might just be a case of not having enough 250GB hard disk drive - the common component of the two laptops - available.

The same delay can be witnessed in Apple UK, Apple Germany, Apple Italy and Apple France. Munster, one of the most quoted analysts on tech websites, reported that he called 10 US Apple stores and most of them were almost sold out on at least one 13-inch MBP.

The success of the 13-inch MBP can be attributed to a number of factors. First, it is sold for $100 less than the original aluminium MacBook that it replaces. Then, Apple has started a number of related promotions as the back to school buying season approaches and thirdly, the Mac Book Pro brand, which oozes quality and an air of superiority, might have convinced customers to bypass the white Macbook altogether.

On this side of the Atlantic, tech website Trustedreviews wrote a report which sings the praises of the 13-inch model which costs £830 in the UK. Andy Vandervell, the reviewer, says that "No other laptop even comes close in style and impact", which is certainly true and remains one of the great mysteries of the world of ODMs and OEMs.

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Our Comments

Apple doesn't build its computers (or indeed any of its products) and instead outsources the manufacturing to the likes of Asustek, Compal, Hon Hai or Quanta. It is therefore surprising that no other manufacturer - Acer, Dell, HP and others - have not come up with similar designs despite using the same OEM/ODM.

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