Nintendo Continues To Dominate UK Game Market

Industry trade body ELPSA, in conjunction with Gfk-ChartTrack, has released figures for video games sales in the UK for the first half of the year, showing Nintendo and its signature exerciser Wii Fit ruling the gaming domains.

As per the stats released by the firm, as many as five of the top ten games in the UK belong to Nintendo platforms, with its Wii Fit, Wii Play, as well as Mario Kart Wii, together accounted for a whopping 1.65 million units.

Cumulative sales of the Nintendo’s renowned Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training have touched the coveted three million mark to become the UK’s most popular game ever. Furthermore, the count of home and portable game consoles in the UK currently sits at 24 million, which ELPSA notifies is 'around the same number as there are UK households'.

However, surprisingly, the list of the top video games doesn’t have too many party and mini-games, but the genre significantly including first-person, sport, music, fighting and racing games; incidentally, the figures revealed that the educational titles and family games are gaining grounds these days.

Quoting substantial rise in game sales, the director general of ELPSA Michael Rawlinson commented, “These figures are clear evidence that gaming is now mainstream in the UK”.

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The recession is encouraging staycations, the portemanteau word that describes the fact that people prefer to stay home to save money rather than go out and abroad. This obviously benefits the likes of DVD rentals and gaming companies like Nintendo. And since latter is the more family-friendly of the three major console companies, no wonder that it is performing so well.

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