O2 Will Launch Palm Pre In UK Before Christmas

Telefonica-owned mobile phone operator O2 has confirmed what has been rumoured for several weeks already, that it will be releasing the Palm Pre in the UK; it has confirmed that this is certainly happen before the end of the year and possibly before Christmas.

The partnership between the US-based smartphone company and O2 is understodd to be exclusive. O2 which is already the largest mobile phone network in terms of customers is also expected to sell the Samsung i7500 which comes with Android, Toshiba's superlative TG01 Snapdragon-based mobile phone and of course Apple's iPhone 3GS.

It is very likely that, as the Telegraph reports, O2 and Apple will be going separate ways towards the end of the year as O2 picks up other iPhone competitors to add to its lineup.

Matthew Key, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Telefonica Europe said in the official statement that "We are fast becoming the home of the smartphone with the addition of the hotly-anticipated Palm Pre to our already extensive portfolio".

The Pre is widely expected to save Palm from oblivion. More than 300,000 units have been sold in the US since it launched last month. it is currently available for $200 (after a $100 rebate) on a two-year contract with US carrier Sprint. For our extensive coverage of the Palm Pre, click here.

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Our Comments

By the time the Pre is launched in the UK, we will already be in November. At least a dozen Android smartphones will already be out and rumours of a Palm Pre 2 will be running circles online. Let's just hope that the Pre will encourage Palm to expand its range and possibly release a newer version early next year.

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