Yahoo Debuts Online Personal Application Called Search Pad

Yahoo has unveiled a new web-based application called Search pad, which it hopes will allow users to collate information pertaining to a particular topic.

The application will apparently allow Yahoo users to "capture, organise, save and share information they find while researching online" and in a move that is reminiscent of Microsoft Bing and the good old portal days, is aimed at people conducting "extensive research in categories such as academic, health, jobs, travel, or shopping".

It works by "intelligently detecting" the search process and intervening (some would say intruding) using a feature called "Automatic Research Detection". The information collected can be saved or shared through Yahoo's own service, Twitter and Facebook amongst others.

Users will also be able to move notes around with additional features like "free form note entry, drag & drop, auto-attribution of the URL for pasted notes, and save/delete of notes and documents".

The new Yahoo Search Pad feature will available to users later today by searching at in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

Search Pad looks a lot like Google Notebook which the search giant unfortunately discontinued earlier this year. Another great piece of software that will do the same job is Evernote or if you use Microsoft Office, there's Onenote.

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Our Comments

Why would Yahoo take on an idea that Google dismissed altogether earlier this year. Is there something that the veteran Internet giant is planning? Or is it just another feature like Briefcase or 360 that will, sooner or later, disappear in a puff of smoke without anyone giving a d**n about it.

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