100Mbps H2O Networks Sewer Fiber Optic Broadband Comes To Sheffield

Sheffield is set to become the first Fibrezone area as H2O networks rolls out its super fast network across the Yorkshire city and provide homes and businesses with ultra fast broadband speeds of up to 100mbps, twice as fast as Virgin Media's 50mbps service.

The company, which has already laid down fibre optic broadband networks in Bournemouth and Dundee, will install around 15km of cables by the end of September and will serve primarily posh flats and student accommodation.

The company, now part of i3 group, uses existing ducts like waste water networks to deliver their services and the outfit plans to connect one million homes in the UK over the next ten years which could make it a significant non-copper player by then.

H20 Network's commercial director Roy Shelton, said in a statement that “This Fibrezone sees us extending our fibre footprint in Sheffield, providing low cost unlimited bandwidth, allowing homes and businesses through the city to connect. Our success in Sheffield has proven there is a huge demand for Fibrezone and will therefore drive our planned rollout of a further ten over the next twelve months."

Back in 2007, H2O deployed a 1.2Km network at Napier University for £80,000, much less than what it would cost to dig and bury cables and this was done within 24 hours.

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Our Comments

This may be the solution to the lack of connections from Digital Britain.Apparently, no broadband providers have approached H2O to provide their services. Actually, it would be a good idea if I3 gets purchased by BT or one of those big players (Carphone Warehouse maybe?) to help expand their own networks quickly and within budget.

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