Carphone Warehouse's Talktalk Won't Roll Out Phorm

After BT, Carphone Warehouse, the telecom giants behind Tiscali, Talktalk, AOL broadband, Opal and so many ISPs, has announced that it will not using Webwise, the controversial ad targeting system devised by Phorm.

In a statement released by Talktalk, the company said that "We’ve never undertaken a customer trial and, following a thorough assessment of the Phorm system, we’ve decided to focus on other opportunities including the successful integration of Tiscali."

On Monday, BT, the only major ISP that had actually tested the system out live on its own customers said that it did not have immediate plans to roll out Webwise. As for Virgin Media, they haven't ruled out the use of the Phorm's technology.

They have declared that "We continue to believe interest-based advertising has potentially important benefits for consumers, internet service providers and website owners." The problem for Virgin Media users is that, unlike BT or Tiscali, there are very few, if any, mainstream ISPs that can deliver 50mbps broadband.

As for phorm, they do remain feisty saying that they retain a "strong balance sheet with adequate cash resources and the directors remain very confident in Phorm’s ability to deliver on the promise of this substantial opportunity."

Phorm has been attracting public scrutiny and widespread criticism from privacy campaigners over the fact that it tracks the online movements of web users.

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Our Comments

The company said that it did anonymise the information related to the users and would use it only to deliver relevant/targeted adverts. However, the fact that BT chose to sneakily test it on its own customers a few years ago, combined with Phorm's original form - a company known as 121media which distributed spyware - mean that the company is now on life support.

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