Cyber Attack Waves Launched Against Western Governments

It has been reported that a large-scale computer attack during the past couple of days has affected several US government websites while a few South Korean websites also seem to be hit.

The reported attack, which is said to be kicked off on 4 July, has struck the websites of some of the prominent government agencies, including The Treasury Department, Federal Trade Commission, Secret Service, as well as Transportation Department.

Furthermore, in South Korea, some of its government agencies’ websites, such as National Assembly, presidential Blue House and Defence Ministry, along with a few bank and internet sites have reportedly been affected.

In a response to these attacks, Amy Kudwa, a spokeswoman for the Homeland Security Department, asserted that the department’s US Computer Emergency Readiness Team notified federal departments and other related organisations about the attacks and subsequently “advised them of steps to take to help mitigate against such attacks”.

Problems on the websites have been lasted for more than three days now, which is quite unconventional since most of the denial of service (DOS) attacks are often short in duration. Although most of the pages on the affected websites are now up and running, but some of them are still showing problems.

Commenting upon these parallel attacks in the US and South Korea, Ahn Jeong-un, a spokeswoman for the Korea Information Security Agency, said the attacks on the cyber infrastructure of the two countries seemed to be connected.

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Our Comments

It is still early hours but from what can be gathered from the various news outlets reporting on the event, this is a coordinated attack against public and private, US and South Korean websites. This means that the most obvious culprit is North Korea; they have the motivation and the means.

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