Free BT Broadband Accelerator

BT Broadband Accelerator filters out interference from your home phone wiring to help you go faster. There's one free for every BT Total Broadband customer if you order it here – and you only need to pay for the postage. Find out if it will work for you below.

BT Broadband Accelerator is BT Total Broadband's new name for the I-Plate. Available to BT Total Broadband customers only. Other customers please see

Limited to one per broadband account. You only need pay the postage of £1.20 A speed increase after fitting an accelerator is not guaranteed : especially if you already have a speed close to the maximum limit (8Mb for ADSL or 20Mb for ADSL2+).

You can get this Free BT Broadband Accelerator and only need to pay £1.20 postage fee. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.