Google Takes Beta Tag Off Gmail and Docs

After a long wait of more than five years, Google has finally shed the beta tags off from its popular email client Gmail, as well as various other applications including Calendar, Talk, and Docs, tossing a running joke among users that the apps would never turn to complete services.

Unleashed on the April Fool's Day back in 2004, Gmail's beta status has been a subject of joke for some users, but the company has finally taken the email client and other apps out of beta, convincing business users that the services are suitable for use.

Citing the same, Matthew Glotzbach, the company's director of product management, wrote in post on the Official Google Blog: “We've come to appreciate that the beta tag just doesn't fit for large enterprises that aren't keen to run their business on software that sounds like it's still in the trial phase”.

He further asserted that the company would continue to “innovate and improve upon the applications” irrespective of the fact that the beta tag is there or not.

Besides, in a bid to lure large scale enterprises the search engine giant announced several new Google Apps features including mail retention, mail delegation, as well as ongoing enhancement to Apps reliability.

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Our Comments

Will it change the way people deal with Google. We don't think so. Truth is that in the era of Web 2.0 and web services, everything (or almost everything) is in continuous Beta. Change as they say, is the only certainty. There are times when patches and firmware have to be downloaded and installed but with Facebook or Google Apps, no one knows or care to know when underlying changes are taking place.

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