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Nokia 3720 Classic Rugged Mobile Phone To Rival Land Rover S1

Nokia is set to launch a tough mobile candybar phone that will compete with the Land Rover S1 for the title of most rugged mobile handset in the country.

Until now it has apparently been hit with a golf club and drowned in a pint of cold bear as well as thrown from the second floor of a flat and in a pool. It is meant to be water and dust resistant - it is compliant with the IP54 protection rating - although we are not sure whether you'd be able to use it underwater.

Other than that, it is a mainstream, bog standard mobile phone. It comes with the Symbian S40 operating system, Bluetooth, more than 14 days worth of standby time, a 2.2-inch screen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, a torch, FM Radio, Bluetooth and a microSD slot.

No pricing have been confirmed yet and it is likely that it will be available SIM Free for those who want something slightly more sturdier than the iPhone 3GS and its 35 degrees operating temperature.

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Our Comments

It just bothers that it is better to insure your phone rather than by one of these rugged phones which will end up costing you a fortune or won't be available from your favourite networks. Insuring your handset under £200 will cost you from £22 per year.

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