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£697 Samsung PS50B451 50 Plasma TV

The Samsung PS50B451 is designed for action-packed viewing, and guaranteed to bring a true cinema experience into your home. Crammed with technology to bring you amazing pictures, you can expect riveting impact, sharp, moving images and rich sound for an altogether extraordinary entertainment experience.

The Samsung PS50B451 HD ready has a digital tuner for access to Freeview channels. FilterBright minimizes reflection for the best possible picture in any lighting condition while the 100Hz Smooth Motion Driver eliminates blurring from fast moving scenes.

Wide Colour Enhancer 2 provides a multitude of brilliant colours. Its Digital Natural Image engine (DNIe) ensures that the picture is free from unwanted noise or defects and that all the details are well expressed, making the picture clean, sharp, and closer to reality.

The dynamic 30000:1 contrast ratio adds every last detail. It sounds great too with SRS TruSurround XT. This virtual surround sound system replicates a 3D sound system and converts non-surround sound sources to stunning effect. The Samsung PS50B451 also uses less power than last year’s equivalent model. Includes a table top stand.

This television is ‘high definition ready’ which means it has the ability to display high definition signals with the addition of a separate HD receiver. HD broadcasts are at a much higher resolution than regular analogue or digital broadcasts and have greatly enhanced picture quality. The level of detail is astonishing with clearer, sharper and more vibrant images.

You can buy this Samsung PS50B451 (opens in new tab) for £697. You can also find similar deals from our online (opens in new tab) price comparator.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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