Asus Debuts 1005HA and 1101HA Seashell Netbooks

Asus has added two new SKUs to the ever growing EEE PC family, the 1101HA and the 1005HA actually join the 1008HA as members of the Seashell family.

Both units have exactly the same specifications as far as we are concerned and will run WIndows XP. Asus did not mention either the amount memory or the type of CPU in their press release although other sources confirmed that the 1005HA will come with a 1.6GHz N270 CPU while the 1101HA has a Z520 model running at 1.33GHz.

Surprisingly, there will be two versions of the 1005HA. The cheaper one, at £329, has a 6-cell battery that will last for 8.5 hours, no netbook sleeve, bluetooth and only a VGA webcam. For an extra £50, customers will get a 1.3-megapixel webcam, a glossy screen, a netbook sleeve and a higher capacity battery that can last more than 10 hours.

Both models, like the 1101HA come with a 92 percent keyboard, a 160GB hard disk drive with 10GB online storage, WiFI 802.11n, three USB ports, VGA and Card reader and a weight of 1.27Kg. The 1005HA will have a 1024x600 10.1-inch screen.

As for the 1101HA, it will be available in two colours and its 11.6-inch screen capable of displaying a 1366x768 pixel resolution, which officially should make it a non-netbook. It will also have a 8.5-hour battery and the price tag is expected to reach £379.

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Our Comments

The only other differences with the 1008HA are (1) the fact that the newer models have removable batteries (2) they have exposed rather than hidden ports (3) they appear to be slightly bulkier.

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