Free Sagem MY401x When Purchasing £20 Top Up

You actually get a free £20 Orange Top Up when buying the Sagem MY401x (Refurbished) for £19.50 including free delivery from Orange Accessories.

The Sagem my401x is an entry level handset in a smartly designed & slim candy bar form factor. Featuring a colour screen, infrared and Bluetooth.

It takes just a glimpse to appreciate the design, elegance and classiness of this mobile. It will seduce you with its technology (VGA camera, GPRS*, Wap, MMS… and Bluetooth for the version my401X).

There is no way that the new my400X will fail to capture your eye… You are made for each other. This phone is a basic candybar which should prove to be a worthy third or handglove box phone.

You can buy this Sagem MY401x for £19.50. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.