Google Chrome OS Leaked Beta Pictures Are Fake

A hastily put together wordpress blog has been the source of what could be the first pictures of Chrome OS Beta. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was a fake one albeit a nice one.

(Update : the Fraudster came clean a few hours ago saying "I am sorry if you beleived [sic] it. It was a really bad attempt. You all are smart people. I never planned on it getting this big. But it did")

The photos, posted earlier today, apparently came from someone working in a company that supplies parts for Acer laptops. S/he was visited to a demo by a Google representative who showed some of the features of Google OS.

Apparently the demonstration was done on an Acer Extensa 4620Z, an entry level laptop that runs on a Pentium Dual Core processor. This is significant as it appears that Google has Chrome OS running on Intel hardware without getting the semiconductor giant involved.

It was claimed that the laptop had Vista initially installed but this was replaced by Chrome OS within 10 minutes. The Beta which was a very basic version took around 25 seconds to reboot from desktop to desktop.

The few pictures that have been posted online had attracted a number of criticisms including one which says that the wrong colours were used for Google's logo and that the lack of mouse cursors prove that this could be a mere screen capture.

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Our Comments

The jury is still out there deliberating on whether this are real or fake photos (ed: turned out that they are are faked). One thing is sure though, this is only just the beginning of it. In the forthcoming weeks, expect more of those photos and photoshopped pictures to emerge.

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