Google CEO May Have To Review Role On Apple Board

Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google for the last eight years, told reporters on Thursday, that he will have to talk to Apple senior management over his position at the technology company over fears of potential conflicts of interest.

The precariousness of his position has been exacerbated by the announcement by Google that it is going to launch a new operating system based on its browser, Chrome, which will compete against other platforms on the market, including Apple's Mac OS.

Schmidt has been sitting on Apple's board since 2006 but his role became more and more untenable as Google and Apple start locking horns on a number of segments; Android and iPhone, Safari and Chrome.

And to make things even more interesting, Eric Schmidt admitted to the Financial Times that he did not want Google to launch an Operating system initially because the company was too small at the time the idea was first mulled.

Eventually, after getting ex-developers from Mozilla to come up with an early version of Chrome, he changed his mind following the impressive demonstrations. (ed: it seems therefore that from the beginning, Chrome, as a browser, was destined to become more than just a window for the web).

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Our Comments

Schmidt is worth $4 billion so he is not working on Apple's board for the money but more for the job satisfaction, one may say, of being at the helm of two of the world's most exciting technology companies. But it looks as if he will have to choose between the two fairly soon as the regulators may question the possibility of collusion between Apple and Google.

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