Intel Is Collaborating With Google Over Chrome OS

A spokesperson confirmed to Mike Magee from TGDaily that Intel is currently working on a number of projects with Google including Chrome OS. Like many, we were rather surprised that Google did not include Intel in the first list of partners which it released yesterday.

Amongst the nine firms listed are three which produce rival products based on the ARM-platform. Furthermore, the news is likely to put more pressure on Intel's golden alliance with Microsoft and stress-test the so-called Wintel partnership.

It is not known whether Microsoft will, like a besotted wife, try to do something to get back to Intel. Microsoft's Windows Mobile runs on ARM but it is unlikely that it starts pushing Windows Mobile licenses which could potentially backfire as lightweight clients eat into Windows 7 market.

There's also the fact that Intel is working on its own project, Moblin, a light-on resource Linux-based operating system,. It has announced a partnership with Nokia in June where they both said they would collaborate on "several open source mobile Linux software projects" which includes Nokia's own Maemo.

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Our Comments

Tweaktown wonders whether Intel moving to Google has something to do with Microsoft's choosing Nvidia's Tegra chip for its Zune HD. To be frank, Intel doesn't have something like Tegra in its team and is even partnering with Nvidia over the Ion platform for its Atom processors. So no bad blood here. We are more concerned about the lack of response from AMD.

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