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Royal Family Twitter Account Reaches 5,600 Followers

Unbeknown to many, the British Royal family has been using popular social networking website, Twitter, for quite a few months with, what it seem, is a dedicated team posting.

The account - @britishmonarchy - is meant to allow followers of the royal family to keep track of new additions to the Royal website at

The Queen herself or any other member of the Royal family will not be directly contributing to this Twitter account. There are more than 5,500 followers to the account but no accounts are being followed by @britishmonarchy.

A spokesperson for the Royal family confirmed that the account was supposed to be a news service, akin to an RSS feed, rather than a personal voice.

We retrieved posts from the account "British Monarchy" going as far as the 28th of April when Twitterfeed was first used. The first pictures included President and Mrs Obama visit Buckingham Palace.

The method of posting tweets then moved on to Hootsuite before adopting a more automated approach. Hundreds of posts have been posted with some being drafted in the early hours and showing an uncanny habit of flying back in time. E.g. On 11 Jul 11:00: Changing the Guard at Windsor Castle [posted 10:02 AM Jul 10th from Royal Household].

and join more than 1650 other followers

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The Royal family already a Royal TV Channel which was set up back in October 2007. The Youtube-based venture has attracted more than 27,000 subscribers and more than two million channel views since it first started.

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