118800 Mobile Phone Directory Service Still Down

More than 72 hours after it went only, controversial mobile phone directory 118800.co.uk still isn't available online and shows a "service suspended whilst we make improvements" placeholder.

It went offline on Friday but was quickly overwhelmed by the number of people who scramble to get their mobile phone details erased from the directory inquiry service's database.

The site was supposed to come live again on Saturday morning but failed to be revived and it appears that 118800 took down both its website and its mobile call centre.

The note on the website also said that "All ex-directory requests made by people in our directory to date are being processed". The Information Commissioner's Office did rule that the service was not a privacy Threat.

118800 attracted criticism ever since its main feature was revealed; it allows users to request, for £1, the mobile phone number and name of any of the 16 million or so UK mobile phone users available on file, although an SMS will be sent to the person being sought informing him or her of the transaction.

A spokesperson for 118800 said that "The high number of queries 118 800 has received since launching have highlighted some technical glitches in the system. To ensure 118 800 provides faultless customer service the decision has been made to temporarily suspend the service allowing for technical work to be completed."

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Our Comments

Connectivity, the company which operates 118800.co.uk, managed to collect their details by buying huge data files from third parties and businesses which siphoned mobile phone data during competitions or through online application forms.

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