Sony To Unveil Vaio P MkII Netbook In October

Sony could be releasing a new version of its upmarket-but-expensive Sony Vaio P laptop in October if rumours emerging from the web are to be believed.

According to Techradar's Adam Hartley who was briefed by a Sony representative, the Japanese manufacturer will be releasing Vaio P "mark 2" this autumn, almost certainly to coincide with the release of Windows 7.

Not much details have been released other than the fact that the slugging performance will certainly be improved massively (including the jaw-dropping 90 seconds boot-time which makes it fashionably late).

The current version of the ultra portable, which weighs less than 700 grams and can show 1600 x 768 pixels on its tiny 8-inch screen, costs as little as £699. The new updated Vaio P will come a few months after Sony entered the Netbook arena with a new model called the Vaio-W and which is expected to be sold for around £400.

It is understood that the company will be marketing its netbooks in 54 countries in an attempt to reduce the gap between itself and the likes of Toshiba and Asustek which have a very significant lead. Sony sold around 5.8 million Vaio computers in the year ending March 2009 and is expecting to add another 400,000 before March 2010.

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Switching to Windows 7 itself will almost certainly make the computer faster overall. Windows Vista was simply too much for the Vaio P. Hopefully, Intel will release a few more faster processors until then while Sony might make SSD mainstream.

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