118800 Website Crushed Under Heavy Traffic According To Google, Alexa

Online mobile directory 118800 has apparently received so much traffic that it had no other choice than to switch off its system and display a "service suspended" static webpage.

Many members of the press have received an email from someone called Joe from 118800 who said that "there are now developments we want to make to improve the service for our customers", adding that "due to the high levels of enquiries we are getting, we are simply not able to complete the technical work required whilst the service is live."

A quick search on Google Trends show that over the past few days, the average traffic from United Kingdom for the term 118800.co.uk surged by a staggering 600 percent; Google Trends points out that Swindon greatly outweighs the other big cities in the UK (Manchester and London).

Alexa, the popular web analytics firm, displayed a similar trend with more than 95 percent of 118800.co.uk users coming from the United Kingdom, which gave the website a ranking of 442th in the UK and a global ranking of 3835 which is roughly equivalent to a site like Theregister.

Like for Google, the site experienced a surge in traffic from the 28th of June where it went from being in the top 100,000 to being in the top 3000 website worldwide.

Part of the site's traffic is due to an informal campaign on Twitter where thousand of users are sharing tips and informing their peers about the means available to sign out of the service.

SkippyUK for example suggests that users call 0XXXXXXXXXXXXX00 and ask to speak to someone called Shona Forster before telling her to remove your data rather than becoming Ex-Directory.

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Our Comments

The amount of coverage 118800 has received reminds us of Phorm. To some extent, both entities are similar but 118800 has one definite advantage, it requires approval at the receiving end before the details of the customer are sent out. Twitter once more demonstrated its growing ability to federate masses over a particular issue.

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