Microsoft Launches Silverlight 3 As Rivality With Flash Grows

In a bid to take on Adobe's uber popular Flash application, Microsoft Corp. has unleashed the next iteration of its signature Silverlight software for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Following the launch of the software, the software giant pitched hopes that the software is all set to gain huge acceptance from the internet users, and that around half of all internet devices will have Silverlight software installed by the next year.

Walid Abu-Hadba, the man who steers Microsoft's developer and evangelism drive, asserted that the new version of Silverlight software is loaded with wide range of features that can lure software developers intending to create programs that run within businesses, as well as assisting users looking forward for streaming large-scale internet video content.

Available as a free download, the new Silverlight will offer users a web application framework that functions in conjunction with the web browser, thereby enabling programmers to integrate vector graphics, animation, as well as video and audio contents into the web pages.

Among its other features, the new iteration of Silverlight offers support for high-quality audio and video, 3D graphics feature, animation and pixel shader effects, enhanced tet rendering along with font support.

Furthermore, for developers, the new software incorporates an over 60 customisable controls, “deep linking” for page bookmarking inside a Rich Internet Application (RIA), new layout containers, improved data support, search engine optimisation, and enhanced performance.

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Our Comments

Silverlight has a massive gap to fill before it can even start to make a dent in Flash's market share. Flash is one of the most universally used technology and is available on desktops and mobile platforms as well. More importantly, big users of Flash technology like Youtube - owned by Google - is very unlikely to move to Microsoft.

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