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Microsoft To Unveil Office 2010 Technical Preview Within Hours

Microsoft is set to provide the rest of the world with a sneak preview of its forthcoming Office 2010 business software suite tomorrow at its Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans later today.

The official Microsoft Office 2010 technical preview website was live earlier today but was quickly pulled down by the system administrators in Redmond although a copy of this is available courtesy of Google's omnipotent caching system (opens in new tab).

The page acted like a portal to the business suite's main applications - all eight of them - as well to Office web applications and Office mobile. There were also two dedicated sections regarding Microsoft Office for business and "Office 2010 The Movie", a review of the making of Office 2010.

Furthermore, it appears that there are a number of videos covering Microsoft Office 2010 individual applications that can be viewed over at ZDNet although access to the them appear to be random with error messages popping up. You will need a compatible browser and Silverlight to view them.

Microsoft already has a virtual pressroom up and running where interested parties can learn more about the history of Microsoft office as well as related products Microsoft has in the pipeline.

We're also told that Office 2010 Beta, bearing the suffix 14.0.1302.1000, has been leaked online on variouos file sharing websites. The application is apparently available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

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Our Comments

Office 2010 is the third major application that is set to be launched by Microsoft after Windows 7 and IE8. The business suite, the 14th in the series, is still one of Microsoft's most profitable products and doesn't seem to have as much competitors as Windows 7. OpenOffice is not ready to take it on and Google Docs still has some way to go before it can challenge it.

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Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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