Sunbeam SATA-IDE-USB Adapter

Many people keen on PC hardware find themselves having a few spare hard drives laying around.

Also, may people in the IT profession might find that they have hard drives that need to be checked to see if there is any data on these drives, or whether these drives work at all.

Often, it can be a royal pain to tear apart a working desktop, plug a drive or two in just to have to boot them each up individually to see what the status is.

Many times, you have a SATA drive with no free SATA ports, or vice versa with IDE drives. And, even worse, you may have some laptop drives with no laptop around, or only desktop drives when you just have a laptop.

In comes the Sunbeamtech SATA and IDE harddrive to USB Adapter. This little device claims to be able to solve all of the aforementioned dilemmas, plus a few more.

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