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1.5 Billion Apps Downloaded From Apple App Store During First Year

Apple's App Store just turned one and the company has issued some rather astonishing figures about its pet project, including the fact that customers have downloaded more than 1.5 billion applications during the first 365 days of its existence.

Furthermore, the venture has attracted more than 100,000 developers worldwide who managed to produce a staggering 65,000 apps. App store is available in 77 countries and has a user base of more than 40 million iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, humble as always, said that "The App Store is like nothing the industry has ever seen before in both scale and quality, With 1.5 billion apps downloaded, it is going to be very hard for others to catch up."

The App store reached its billionth app back in April and it therefore took a mere 3 months for it to add another half a billion (ed : 9 month to reach first billion, 6 month to reach second billion).

On average each customer downloaded 37.5 apps per device and on average, around 65 applications have been downloaded every second of the last 90 days.

All major mobile phone manufacturers are trying their hands at similar scheme. Samsung, LG, Palm, Google, Microsoft, Palm and Rim are all vying to produce something as successful as the App store but they are not likely to succeed.

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Our Comments

It would be interesting to find out what proportion of these applications are actually used extensively rather than a one-off. The overwhelming number of apps in the Ap store are free which means that users could potentially just download dozens of applications and end up using only a couple of them.

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