Asus Rampage Gene II

As all current 1366 motherboards, the GENE II is also based on the X58 chipset. Even though it's a µATX mobo it supports 6 Dimms (max 24Gb), full Crossfire and SLI support, no cutbacks there.

Also it is part of the ROG series meaning it's designed for durability, flexibility and max performance. With the iROG chip onboard users can tweak their setup while it's running.

Almost forgot the obligatory bios screens. Asus didn't cut in the bios section and gave the baby Rampage the same bios.

This will allow fine tweaking for the enthusiast (Extreme OC mode) Yet for the average user, Asus included a simplified version ( Gamer mode).

For the inexperienced there are some preset quick OC options, allowing you to get that little extra out of ya hardware in a blink of an eye.

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