Google Puts My Location Feature On Desktops & Laptops

Google has further stepped up its desktop offerings by bringing its popular My Location feature, a characteristic of its smartphone Google Maps application, to the PCs.

People using Google Maps on their smartphones must be aware of its My Location feature, which is used to pin down the user’s location within a radius of few metres in the form of blue dots on Google Maps.

While location awareness on PCs is far less significant than that on cellphones, it still seems to be a handy one for those who’d like using the service on the go on their notebooks (ed: it is likely that you need Internet access).

In order to use this service on PCs, a user would need to have a browser that has Geo-location feature integrated - as of now Google Chrome 2.0+ and Firefox 3.5+ are the only two such browsers available - and any browser that has Google Gears installed on it.

Furthermore, to activate the feature, a user would require clicking on to the button on the top left corner of the map, between the map pan control and map zoom control. After activating the feature, Google Maps application will centre the map to the user’s location.

The company on its Google Maps blog wrote: “Simply click the button to center the map to your approximate location. If your location can be determined accurately enough, it's shown with a blue circle, just like on Google Maps for Mobile”.

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Our Comments

This feature will be helpful only if you are on the move, either using a netbook or a laptop, not so much if you sit in an office stuck to your desktop. Google is great for pushing nifty little features that add just a little bit more pleasure to life. In this case however, it is likely to be of little use as people will use their smartphones.

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