£1210 Epson EB-1725 Ultra Portable Projector - 2000:1 3000 ANSI 1024x768 XGA 1.8kg

The Epson EB-1725 projector has the power to deliver bright, high-contrast images in clear colour. It’s also lightweight and compact making it ideal for the busy professional on the move.

This projector is also very easy to set up and operate, leaving the presenter free to concentrate on both the audience and the presentation.

Quiet and compact, it would go unnoticed if it wasn’t so good to look at. Present directly and securely through a wireless network. It is possible to send video data with sound.

Remote management of all your networked projectors via wired or wireless LAN. Present one wide panoramic display or even show different applications, all from one computer.

Travel light, leave your laptop behind. Simply plug in your USB key and start your presentations, slideshows or movies. One long USB cable now replaces three.

This one cable can now be used to carry all 3 signals – image, sound and mouse control data (for mouse cursor and Page Up/Down).

This unique and extremely convenient feature means presenters no longer have to play with wires in front of their audience. This feature, combined with the remote control, offers complete flexibility even when presenting from a distance.

You can buy this EB-1725 Projector from Oyyy for £1210 including VAT and delivery.