£14.69 Nokia 6700 Classic Chrome - 100 minutes, 100 texts, £25 cashback on T-Mobile!

The Nokia 6700 combines smooth surfaces, rich materials and precisely crafted parts with a full metal keymat which completes the premium finish. Note that the phone costs around £250 on PAYG on its own.

Improving on all areas of its forerunner, the Nokia 6700 comes with a 5 megapixel camera, assisted GPS navigation with Nokia Maps, and high speed data access meaning sharing images or video is faster and easier than ever. The Nokia 6700 addresses the original Nokia 6300 customer need and aspiration level perfectly.

The Nokia 6700 moves that bar even higher with a beautiful, slim design and perfectly balanced practicality

The phone brings together the functionality and user experience required in today's hectic times, with premium designs and materials that make them the most beautiful, well built and competitively priced offerings available

It is available on T-Mobile's Combi 15 on an 18-month contract with 100 minutes per month, 100 texts and £25 cash back for only £14.69 per month.