£34.26 HTC Touch Pro 2 - 700 minutes, unlimited texts and internet on T-mobile

You can often get more done with a quick phone call or a face to face meeting than you can in strings of emails. So why do all business phones seem to ignore the importance of calls? The Touch Pro2 treats your calls with as much care and attention as your messages.

Sometimes your opinion needs to be read, but sometimes it demands to be heard. The Touch Pro2 is equipped with a spacious keyboard that makes it breeze to get your message out. But when written word is not enough, it only takes one touch to respond to an email with the urgency of a phone call.

If they were in on the email, then simply tap next to their image icon to get them in on the call. The HTC Touch Pro2 helps make it easy to share your ideas with all the people that matter.

Nothing ruins a conference call faster than not being able to hear what is said, or make yourself heard. The HTC Touch Pro2, featuring Straight Talk technology, puts crystal-clear sound quality and voice reception at the core of its design.

In fact, it is a palm-size professional conference phone with a loud speaker and dedicated noise-cancelling microphone that delivers superior quality conference calls.

Before today, the simple task of multi-party calling required the nimblest of maneuvering around your phone menus. Now, HTC Touch Pro2 introduces a new worry-free interface that makes multi-party calling as easy as tapping on your contacts.

That's not all, even if you are traveling and need to join a conference bridge back in the home office ... the HTC Touch Pro 2 will ensure that you connect without delay.

Appointment reminders will conveniently cue up the phone number and PIN, ready for you to press ... you won't miss out on the latest strategy changes back in the HQ.

This phone is available on T-Mobile's Combi 30 + web'n'walk on an 18-month contract with 700 minutes per month, unlimited text and mobile web for only £34.26 per month.