£958.33 Mitsubishi XD530U DLP Projector XGA 2000:1 3000 ANSI

The XD530U DLP projector is a 3000lm portable projector that includes support for wireless connectivity. It includes a built in antenna to provide WiFi (802.11b/g) connectivity so there’s no need for a cable connection to your PC.

Additionally it includes a DVI connectivity input, so native digital signals can be showcase in all their digital glory via the XD530U.

The BrilliantColour 6-segment colour wheel (RGBWYC) enables this multimedia projector to produce a wider colour spectrum by adding cyan and yellow segments to the standard red, green, blue, and white.

Mitsubishi Color Enhancer dynamic lamp control adjusts lamp power to accentuate darker scenes without overdriving content that’s already bright. With its rich 2,000:1 contrast and its DDP 2230 DLP chipset, your presentations will capture your audience attention with both clarity and impact.

This DLP projector is designed with in a small and compact form factor. The centre lens design and convenient top-loading lamp enable easy access anywhere.

You can buy this Mitsubishi XD530U DLP Projector from Oyyy for £958.33 including VAT and delivery.