Facebook, Twitter Cause Massive Surge In Mobile Usage

Mobile web space is largely being dominated by the social networking phenomena, which includes sites like Twitter and Facebook’ with as many as a third of youths frequently accessing these sites using their handsets, according to a recent study.

The study, conducted by CCS Insight, an analyst firm specialising in the mobile segment, included more than 1,000 people between 16 and 35, and quoted social networking sites as the key driving factor behind mobile internet-services take-up.

The research found that users are increasingly using their handsets for surfing the web, with around one in five respondents claiming that they usually log on to their preferred social networking platform many times a day.

Facebook still rules as the social networking site of choice in the mobile web space, with hits on the site were found to be more than that on Twitter, Bebo, and MySpace taken together. The study further disclosed that BBC iPlayer was the most desired service users wanted to access using their mobile phones.

The author of the report and chief of mobile content at CCS Insight commented upon the results of the survey by saying, “The phenomenal growth in mobile internet usage is removing the strain on voice and text for operators. The web is revolutionising the way people use their mobiles and big brands are starting to invest huge amounts in it”.

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Our Comments

This will come as no surprise as many mobile phone networks are actually catching the wave and using social networks as a differentiating factor. Some like 3 Networks are even preparing social networking mobile handsets. After launching a Skypephone last year, it has already announced a Twitter phone. Likewise, Orange has introduced a Facebook-friendly package.

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