Financial Times Offers Ad-Supported iPhone App Demo

Pearson owned business newspaper, the Financial Times, has joined the iPhone App revolution by launching its own application which will add to the existing 65.000 or so iPhone apps.

The app, which will be supported by advertising provided by UK launch partner Siemens and is also pinkish, will be free for 30 days and will provide news, analysis, market data and a currency converter.

Stephen Pinches, lead product manager at, stated that “We’ve listened to our users who asked for access to their portfolio, easy-to-use markets data with interactive charts, plus quick access to FT articles. Combining the access model with a great platform for our premium advertisers means we’ll instantly see a financial return on the investment.”

But others are saying that Financial Times has delivered a poor product. Wired for example says that the iPhone app is worse than trialware since it expires after 30 days and does not provide with an unrestricted digital version.

Furthermore, users can only get to view three stories a month on the free model without registering. Free registration will allow you to view 10 stories every 30 days instead. A simple solution, according to a user, would be to simply delete cookies. Straight forward but tedious.

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Our Comments

The Financial Times has the gutso and the clout to convince its readers to pay for an iPhone application which others are offering for free. Will it successfully manage to convert it to a revenue stream? Only time will tell.

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