Google Street View Goes To Stonehenge (Finally)

Google has announced to augment the offerings of its online road mapping service Street View by adding some famous UK tourist attractions, including Stonehenge and Loch Ness, to the service.

The search engine giant carried out an online poll to decide upon the most preferred off-track destinations people wanted to see flash on Google Map service, and Stonehenge emerged as the winner of this elite poll.

Google came up with six off-road sites to be added to its Street View service through an internet poll conducted by the search giant in conjunction with the tourism agency Visit Britain, with each spot to be visited by Google Trike, an 18-stone tricycle mounted with a 3D camera over it.

Along with Stonehenge, the other sites that made to the list are the Millennium Stadium, Loch Ness, the Eden Project, the Angel of the North, Warwick Castle, as well as Bamburgh Castle, which entered into the list as a ‘wild card’ entry.

Earlier, Google’s Street View service faced wrath of the residents of the village of Broughton, Bucks, who created a human chain to prevent Google’s cars taking pictures of their properties, asserting that the service could be used for felonious purposes.

But the Information Commissioner’s Office dismissed complaints from the pressure group Privacy International, which had urged for the service to be repealed

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Our Comments

Privacy challenges have been more and more in the public eye lately with the like of Phorm, Google Street View and 118800 making the headlines. Of the three, Street View has been the most divisive with most people unlikely to ask for their houses to be removed from the system. Ironically, Google's popular service is the most likely to be used by criminals.

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