iPhone Developer Releases Purity Ring App

iPhone App Developer Island Wall Entertainment has unveiled a purity ring iPhone application called PurityRing which aims at connecting with a more technology-aware and younger generation and spread the "purity" message.

Purity rings are popular in United States where they are worn as pledges against premarital sex and the 59p application is set to become the first digital version of the ring (ed: although you won't be able to actually wear it).

The application, according to its developer, will be appropriate from both men and women and is set to complement rather than replace the traditional purity rings - which can cost around £100.

The user will be able to listen to a pre-recorded pledge that he or she must acknowledge before being able to display the revolving "Lords Of The Ring" like ring in a continuous loop.

In the developer's own words, a "timeless digital spinning Purity Ring to proudly display on their iPhone or iPod touch" will appear. In addition, the application contains a "send to a friend" option which is useful to spread the word.

Henry E Bennett, the company director, said that "This is an exciting opportunity to reach a whole new generation of people, on a platform that has never been used to spread this important message."

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Our Comments

In the ecosystem of iPhone Apps, this purity ring application could be seen as being a rather ingenious way of making some quick cash. There are around 8 million people in the US alone who have made a purity pledge and at 99p each download, that's a stonking $8 million that could be collected should the developer decide to code for other platforms as well.

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