Microsoft CEO Dismisses Google OS Threat

Microsoft’s chief exec Steve Ballmer has finally commented upon Google’s much-hyped Chrome Operating System by saying that the move would leave its competitor with dual operating systems, something that Microsoft has learned, is not a good proposition at all.

Addressing the audience at Windows Partner Conference in New Orleans, the software giant’s boss shrugged off Google Chrome OS by calling the move “highly interesting”.

In an out stage question and answer session, Ballmer said in a statement, “I don't know if they can't make up their mind or what the problem is over there. The last time I checked you don't need two client operating systems”.

He further asserted that he simply doesn’t know what the new Chrome OS will look like, and quoted the move as interesting by saying, “it won't happen for a year and a half and they already announced an operating system (Android)”.

When asked whether Microsoft is planning to come up with a new operating system, Ballmer said the company needs to focus on evolving Windows and its applications, Internet Explorer, the manner IE functions in totality with Windows, as well as how to create applications like Office.

On advertising part, he asserted that Microsoft will continue targeting Apple through its advertising campaigns, and said, “We're going to continue to tell the story of the PC”.

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Our Comments

Ignore Google at your own risk Microsoft. Remember that the search engine company was not even launched when Microsoft famously did a u-turn on integrating Internet Explorer on Windows 95. Now fast forward nearly 13 years and one can see that Microsoft is set to consider Google as being more dangerous to its core business than Linux and open source itself.

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