MSI N275GTX Twin Frozr OC

Last week we took a look at another card from MSI, the MSI N260GTX OC V3. It proved to be a great card, and we awarded it our Editor's Choice award.

This week we will looking at another video card from MSI; one with some similarities.

Today we will be reviewing the N275GTX Twin Frozr. While the worldwide economic nosedive has been mostly terrible for many things, one of the partial silver linings has been a lowering of hardware prices across the board.

It's not all that long ago where a mid-range video card could reasonably cost you around $250 -- now a days, it is a completely different ballgame.

Video cards around the $100 mark are capable of handling any of today's games, and cards closer to that $250 mark are right near the highest end of performance.

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