USB : The Answer To Information Governance?

Budget limitations have on the other hand, resulted in some health authorities neglecting encryption technology, compromising their data. It is widely viewed that the technology is expensive but this is not the case.

There are cost-effective devices and practices in place that can protect not only back-up systems, but also mobile devices being used on a particular site.

Encrypted pen drives are a cost-effective solution as well as a secure method of transporting data in the NHS.

Considerable savings are there to be had but only if the encryption level is delivered appropriately and there is widespread effective communication from the top down.

Mobile devices such as USBs should not be seen as a problem but should be embraced as a tool increasing the agility of the public health sector.

There have been reports of the physical implementation of information governance through the gluing up of USB ports due to the uneducated fears of the damage that USBs can bring to an organisation.