Virgin Media To Reduce Price of 50mbps Broadband To £28

Virgin has unsuspectingly dropped the price of its 50mbps broadband service to £28, a rather generous 20 percent discount from the current £35, which is equivalent to a £84 cashback from the broadband provider.

The cut, which will happen from the 1st of September, will be available for new and existing customers when they take a phone line which will cost an additional £11 per month. Bypassing the phone line will add a tenner to the price of the service which will cost £38 instead of £50.

The announcement comes as the telecoms company announced that it has completed its roll out of its fiber-optic based "next generation network"; the project, which has lasted 18 months, has tripled Virgin Media's capacity and extended the 50mbps service to up to 12 million UK homes.

The 50mbps broadband is free from any traffic management and will come with Virgin's own V Stuff, an array of free gifts that includes unlimited online backup and up to 1200 free photo prints over a year.

Virgin Media is also looking to dramatically increase the upload speed of its XXL/50mbps package to up to 10mbps, which is around eight times what most ADSL broadband lines can achieve and is equivalent to the download speed of its entry level 10mbps service.

This, we've been told, will be particularly useful if you are a gaming fan or are a video conferencing aficionado (ed: this will also be particularly useful to improve your P2P download to upload ratio).

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Our Comments

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media said in a statement that "As the first company to bring broadband to the UK 10 years ago, the completion of our next-generation network marks another pioneering moment for internet access in the UK".

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