Windows 7 Preorders Set To Crush Vista's

Online e-tailer Amazon UK has said that thousands of customers have pre-ordered Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 7, with both the Home Premium and the Professional Edition currently ranked first and second in the shop's best seller software list.

Although it has been taking orders for around 8 hours or so, Amazon says that Windows 7 has already outsold Windows Vista during the long 17 week pre-order period that the much-maligned, current flagship Microsoft OS spent on Amazon UK before it was launched.

Much of the success of Windows 7 is down to its heavily discounted price - Amazon is selling Windows 7 Home Premium E for only £44.97 - and to the fact that the discount Window has been limited to only four weeks, ending on the 9th of August.

Availability of the OS was erratic at Amazon and Microsoft's store has been all day today as the world's biggest software developer failed to reasonably assess the surge in demand caused by Windows 7.

Chris Poad, director of software at, said in a statement that "Both Windows 7 upgrade packages shot to the top of the software bestsellers chart over in the US as soon as they were made available for pre-order at the end of June"

Poad is adamant that Windows 7 could well be the biggest software release for many years and could well be on track to beat the current biggest pre-order champion, the DVD release of Mamma Mia . Microsoft has yet to say how many copies of Windows 7, both as Home premium and Professional, will be available at a discount price.

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Around 177 million copies of Windows 7 will be sold by the end of 2010, with around 30 percent sold in Europe. Analyst firm IDC reckons that Windows 7 will generate £195 billion worth of revenues in terms of products and services - roughly around £1100 per license shipped.

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