Wireless HDMI To Come To UK After Ofcom Approval

After years of wait, the media watchdog Ofcom has finally issued new spectrum guidelines to help bolster up the availability of wireless televisions by the end of this year.

The news comes as a great relief for people looking forward to get rid of cluttering of wires and embracing TVs come integrated with wireless HDMI technology.

Incidentally, some consumer-electronics giants, including Panasonic and Sony, have already been boasting TV sets sporting wireless HDMI technology, thereby throwing a possibility of the launch a couple of new models like the Sony Bravia ZX1 or the Panasonic Z1 in UK this weekend.

The wireless TV actually required some part of the radio spectrum, which had to be cleared by Ofcom first. Along the same line, the watchdog asserted that it would release a small portion of the spectrum - 57 GHz to 66 GHz - by this weekend.

Citing the same, the regulator said in a statement, “We've now introduced regulations which will allow this technology to be incorporated in home entertainment equipment without the need for a licence”.

The move has finally offered an entirely new domain for the consumer-electronics industry, which has long been waiting for the regulator’s nod for legitimising TV sets with wireless HDMI.

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Our Comments

So the Wireless HDMI green light comes just in time for the launch of Asus's new EEE Keyboard which uses wireless HDMI to communicate with television sets that have the same technology. Unfortunately, these are likely to be at the very top end of the market, which would make Wireless HDMI peripherals a much sought after upgrade.

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