Conservatives Will Demand Changes To Extradition Law

In a tense debate in parliament, the Conservatives demanded extradition treaty between the UK and the US to be revisited so as to circumvent injustice to those indicted, taking the case of the self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon as an example.

Chris Grayling, the Conservative shadow home secretary, asserted that in cases like McKinnon’s, which could be trialled in two jurisdictions, the UK “appears to be subcontracting justice to other countries” by going for not prosecuting the accused at home.

Grayling further asserted that McKinnon’s case has highlighted wider issues about the country’s extradition laws. Quoting the same, he said; “The McKinnon case has brought those issues back to the fore and that is why we have sought to use this time to allow Members on all sides of the House to discuss those concerns.”

However, Home Secretary Alan Johnson notified that any such review of extradition laws isn’t apparently possible under the current government, and that he could not support McKinnon’s attempts to prevent extradition.

Gary McKinnon is fighting a legal battle to stop his extradition to the US for trial, after he was found guilty of breaking into US military systems. Incidentally, in latest efforts, McKinnon’s defence lawyers said that being a sufferer of Asperger’s syndrome, extradition to the US could lead to psychological shock for McKinnon.

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Our Comments

The Tories are really going to push this one through it seems. They know they can count on the Daily Mail campaign. There's also the fact that McKinnon vs the feds is like a David versus Goliath scenario which will appeal to one very fundamental aspect of Britishness, the ability to continue fighting when things appear to be lost.

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