Microsoft Captures Top Spot Of Superbrands List

In an annual survey of top 500 Superbrands, the software bellwether Microsoft has emerged as the most powerful brand in the UK, as last year’s top brand Google slips to the third spot.

The survey, to draw up the list of the strongest companies, was compiled by a company named Superbrands and included 2,100 consumers in the UK. It named Microsoft as the most reliable brand’ followed the famous watch maker Rolex, the search engine giant Google, British Airways, and the BBC.

With Apple also making it to the list of top ten brands, it is apparent that the tech firms have influenced the consumers’ lives to an extent that they rated these companies higher than that of food, drinks, car manufacturers, and leisure brands.

Among other technology companies, Sony was at the 22nd spot, mobile handset giant Nokia ranked 59, IBM was at 61, and Hewlett Packard managed to snare the 71st rank.

Stephen Cheolitis, chief exec for the Centre for Brand Analysis (CBA), said that the list showed which companies performed reasonably well amidst shaky economic environment.

“Bearing in mind that thousands of brands are initially considered, actually making the top 500 itself is an achievement: the competition amongst brands for consumer attention and share of wallet is intense and growing fiercer”, he said.

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Our Comments

Microsoft and Google are battling out for the title of most powerful brands. Although it is not as significant as sales figures, it does show how people feel about brands, services and products. Interesting to see that British Airways and BBC are ranked third and fourth. Both organisations have had some rough periods recently with BA fighting for its future.

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